Look At The Moon…

“They tell me I’m a dreamer,

forever drunk off the affirmations

of the firmaments.

But have you ever laid beneath

the night sky and felt your body ratio

outweighed infinitely

by a never-ending universe?

Only when I feel small

do I gain eternal perspective.

Don’t tell me the stars are not mine

when I feel them shine within my bones.

They are and will forever be

the heavenly reminder

that I am a part of Something Bigger.”

As long as I can remember I was always fascinated with the moon…

One night as my mum and I drove home, I could not understand how the moon was moving with us, disappearing every few second behind a big tree or bouncing off big rock- but still following us. It was on this very night my 7 year old brain was boggled about how small every star seemed in comparison to the moon and how small the moon seemed in comparison to my thumb. (Never knowing that it is a lot bigger than my thumb!!)

(It has been my lifelong dream that NASA will one day ask me to join on a trip to the moon.)

After a long day my eyes wander to the night sky, searching for his bright face. Many times I have asked myself why I’m searching for something so far away and never have a true answer. It is not because it’s beautiful or silver or shiny, but somehow it feel like it was made for those happy times and for those sad times. Or maybe to give us (me) hope, in a world where there is rape and murder and so many evil things; the moon will alway have a silv’ry face.

“I have no idea. I’m gonna live up there someday”

-Winston (New Girl)

The moon is and will probably for the rest of eternity be something I search for every night. It gives me a sense of purpose and a sense of that I am part of “Something Bigger”.

I always wanted to be someone great or achieve something great never understanding what great really means. I had the biggest dreams any child could possibly have: becoming an astronaut to be the first person to stand on Pluto (quite impossible), becoming a doctor saving millions of life (after fainting from seeing blood), becoming a world-famous pianist (after hyperventilating before playing in front of my parents), and now writing a book that could possibly change world as we know it.

So, now you understand why I (and everybody else) consider myself as a dreamer.


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