Proper Introduction

So, I never really introduced my blog, did I?

It all started with a little blue book named Sebastian… with a few motivational quotes at first.

After the death of my father the only way in which I could express myself was music; I was never really good with words. So, you could say music was my words. (At this point you’re probably asking “then why the hell does she have a blog?!”) So from there I went to go study music… which was probably not the best idea… after six months of crying I decided that I really did not want to do this for the rest of my life… Partly because I was way too scared to play piano in front of people and partly because I did not feel I was good enough (yes I am my worst critic). From there I really did not know what I wanted to do… I still don’t, and that is why my current favourite song is “I don’t know my name” from Grace Van der Waal.

So after the one thing that could help me get rid of all these weird emotions after my father’s death, caused even more emotions, I had nothing (except crying for no apparent reason).

I always found myself buying journals because they were either really pretty or because I always had the urge to write something. So one day I decided that I should probably pick one pretty journal and start writing something… and because I never had ‘good enough’ words to actually write down in this pretty journal, I wrote words that I felt ‘spoke’ to me. And after about 500 quotes I wrote a poem for my dad (which I will post). At that moment I realised I always had a passion for words… I just didn’t have the confidence.

I am currently studying BA Communication and like all writers, I have a dream of publishing a book that could possibly change the world. After a lot of internal conflict about whether I should start a blog or not, I just started one (without properly introducing it or having more stuff to post).

So, welcome to the online version of Sebastian.

Ps, I will start posting more…


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